Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain


Chronic pain signals remain active in the nervous system long after the tissue has healed, making this type of pain “chronic”. Chronic pain may be related to an initial injury such as an ankle sprain or disc herniation or be correlated to issues such as poor posture, surgical history, recurring injury, or arthritis. 

It is, however, possible to experience persistent, long-term chronic pain without any past injury or body damage. Chronic pain may manifest from stressful physical effects as tense muscles or a limited ability to move. 

Chiropractic care offers a variety of medication-free, non-invasive techniques and surgery-free modalities to treat chronic pain. Treatment options may include spinal manipulation, manual therapy, or therapeutic exercise to help alleviate suffering related to chronic pain. 

Living with chronic pain can present significant physical, mental and emotional challenges. We, at Karuna, are here to help.

Chronic pain is persistent pain that outlasts the usual healing process and doesn't respond to traditional pain management techniques.

Our Approach

A critical step in our approach is to understand how the pain first manifested and to identify what factors are contributing to the patient’s chronic pain symptoms. During our first appointment we will take time to explore the patient’s past medical and family health history, with a focus on the current symptoms. 

Based on health history, current symptoms and function, we will establish treatment goals with you. Most chronic pain may take longer to respond to treatment than other acute injuries. We will discuss your goals with you at the outset and continue to adjust our plan based on your body’s response to treatment sessions. 

Based on history, evaluation, and patient goals, we will develop a treatment plan. Karuna maintains strong relationships with other providers; if we find that other modalities may be helpful, we can connect you with excellent providers. 

Patient Experiences