Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident


The body is not designed to handle the impact of a car accident. Which means, no matter the severity of impact, your body is susceptible to aches, pains, and serious injury. Because bodies are adaptable and can cope with stress, it is common to not feel pain immediately following an auto accident. It is important to have your body assessed following a car accident, whether or not you feel pain.  

Minor accidents and “fender benders” can result in neck and back injuries. The force of the accident doesn’t always equate to injury severity. Even low impact accidents can cause lingering injury.

Our relationships with massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, orthopedists, imaging centers and attorneys allow us to provide you with optimal care in a collaborative setting throughout your healing process. Seeking chiropractic care promptly following an accident can help to speed up recovery from accident-related injuries.

Your after-accident care is 100%
covered through auto insurance

State Of Oregon

State Of Washington

In the State of Oregon, if you are injured in a car accident, your care is covered through the Personal Injury Protection (PIP Coverage) component of auto insurance  policies, regardless of fault. This is also true if you are involved as a pedestrian or cyclist. Auto insurance policies in Oregon are required to include $15,000 of Personal Injury Protection which is designed to help you recover after an accident. It can be used in the first two years after an accident. 

Common Car Accident Related Injuries 
  • Whiplash
  • Back Pain
  • Headache

One of the most common injuries after an auto accident is whiplash. Whiplash is a type of neck injury caused by a sudden backward or forward motion of the head, making it common after the impact of a car accident. Our goal is to restore range of motion, reduce inflammation and improve mind | body connection. We assess the direction and severity of the whiplash through a thorough assessment and work to reduce pain using an activator or chiropractic adjustment if warranted, and further modalities to ease muscular tension. 

We also support patients with exercises designed to help decrease muscular imbalance, spasm and pain, where appropriate and as determined by injury severity.

In a vehicle collision, your body absorbs an excessive amount of pressure. This can cause anything from strains and strains to herniated discs or even disabling injury. 

Chiropractic care helps support the body through a natural healing process working to decompress stressed tissue and down-regulate the heightened response of the nervous system following a car accident.

At our clinic, we use a variety of modalities to improve the range of motion you have in your back and reduce pain and discomfort caused by your accident. We work with you to get you to pre-accident status efficiently and effectively. 

An increase in the intensity and frequency of headaches can be an after-effect of a car accident. Without addressing the root issue, these headaches may become a persistent problem. 

Headaches have many causes and may be connected to the bones in the neck, an increase in muscular tension, eye strain or increased stress; all common issues following a motor vehicle accident. 

We use several techniques to manage headache. Treatment may include a combination of McKenzie® (MDT®) assessment CranioSacral Therapy (CST), chiropractic manipulation, or the use of tools such as the RockBlades® Mohawk, cups, or Activator. Treatment is guided by patient symptoms and how those symptoms respond to care. This means treatment evolves as healing occurs. 

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