Chiropractic Care for
Children and Infants

Newborn chiropractic treatment is extremely gentle.
With aims to Reduce colic, manage breastfeeding issues, or Decrease irritability.

Babies can develop structural imbalances while in utero. This can occur from their fetal position, space restrictions, breech or traumatic birth. The journey down the birth canal creates pressure on your infant’s skull, neck and spine. The stress is more severe if a vacuum or forceps are used. Even cesarean births are traumatic due to the pull force applied to the infant through an incision.

Newborn chiropractic treatment is extremely gentle and it will help your baby transition from birth smoothly.

By way of assessment we will determine if your infant’s issue is related to improperly moving spinal or cranial joints and provide treatment accordingly.  Treatment is directed to help your child maintain their natural state of health.

We treat infants with latch issues, torticollis, functional challenges, and symptoms such as reflux, constipation, gripe, and colic.

Our preferred treatment option for infants and children is
Craniosacral Therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is technique of light rhythmic touch (approximately the weight of a nickel) across the body. This releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction while improving whole-body health and performance. It is extremely gentle and safe – yet powerful. Craniosacral Therapy can assists balanced growth and development, releasing tension and, in turn, relieve pain, discomfort, or restricted movements.

Patient Experiences