Chiropractic Care for the Upper Back

A significant relationship exists between slumped posture and postural changes of the neck.

The thoracic spine is located at the back of the chest, mostly between the shoulder blades, and extends from the bottom of the neck to the waist.

Pain in this area is most commonly related to inflammation in the muscles of the soft tissue. This inflammation could be a result of sitting or standing in a slouched position, using a backpack, lack of muscular strength, repeating a movement persistently that involves the mid-back, or sudden impact to this area.

Though pain in this area is generally less common than the neck and low back, the prognosis is generally good with chiropractic intervention and treatment. We will work with you to identify potential causes of your upper back pain, provide treatment and implement tools that will create positive, lasting change.


Persistent thoracic kyphosis, or a hunched back, leads to eventual postural changes in the neck. As a result, greater neck tension and abnormal movement patterns are experienced.  Addressing these issues early could significantly reduce your risk of chronic neck pain and headache. 

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