Prenatal and Maternity Chiropractic


The Webster Technique is a system of analysis and adjustment used for treatment throughout pregnancy. It is a specific chiropractic adjustment of the sacral area of the pelvis and is helpful for all pregnant women.

The increased physical load on the skeleton and the presence of relaxin in the soft tissues makes it easy for structures to shift throughout pregnancy. The Webster Technique releases misalignment by balancing the pelvis and sacrum.  With a properly aligned pelvis, your baby has more room to descend into the optimal fetal position. In addition, the nervous system is better supported in function.

The pregnant mother also benefits through reduced discomfort throughout pregnancy and enhanced pelvic function which may lead to easier labor and decrease chances of complications during birth.

During the appointment, you get to lay face down while gentle downward pressure is applied to the back of your pelvis. Our chiropractic table helps the process by decreasing the amount of pressure the chiropractor must apply. No external force is applied to the baby directly.

The Webster Technique

With its focus on pelvic and sacral alignment, the Webster Technique is an invaluable chiropractic modality for expectant mothers. Studies have showed an 82% success rate for the Webster Technique, in priming the uterus to allow the baby to turn on their own from a breech position to head down.

Expectant moms also benefit in a number of ways such as making pregnancy more comfortable throughout. A pregnant mom with well-aligned pelvis often experiences reduced tension in the uterus. Once this tension is released, your baby may be free to assume its best possible position for birth. A balanced pelvis also facilitates normal function throughout pregnancy.

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